About us

Our Brand - IngesonWater
IngesonWater works for a sustainable world with a focus on products and services linked to clean watersolution for the future. We offer solutions for crisis and disaster situations and the household market. Our business model and organization focuses on offering our customers the best possible value based on each unique need.


Since start, we have focused on realizing our invention to become one of the best innovation in the market, in the field of sustainable water solutions, and we are well on our way. We now have the goal in front of us, namely that in 2020 we begin a pre-series of our water purifier Millennium Desalination Device. A solution that will make a huge impact and save lives worldwide. The future is bright!

Production Company - Millennium Technology of Sweden
Millennium Technology of Sweden is our production company with a strong focus on producing class-leading goods linked to our innovation Millennium Desalination Device. Together with our partners Backer BHV and Avalon Innovation and their partners, we form a strong team that focuses on the customer's best interests.

Aid organisation - Water to billions
The water situation is critical all over the world. The problems are not just "over there" but also starting to appear at home. We see clear effects of the way we managed and in many way still manage our valubale resources today. We all need to rethink about how we use the earth's resources in the best environmentally friendly way and in this way start improving the situation for people around our world. Water- to-billions is our way of helping on site. Read more under the WTB tab.


IngesonWater is driven by finding the best possible value for our customers. Therefore, we work on the basis of a value-based approach both as a business model and organization. Together with our customers, we work to find the best optimal solution given the unique situation and needs of each customer. Together with our brokers we go through your unique needs and find the best sustainable solution to solve your problem. We believe that our business model will give you clear advantages against today's traditional solutions in the market.


Via our production company Millennium Technology of Sweden, IngesonWater have a main objective to provide the countries currently suffer from the lack of water, with scalable, reliable equipment that will enable countries to build self-sufficient water structures, and thus obtain improved public health, reduce poverty, create cultivable areas today is desert. Thus also become an effective tool of democratization.


IngesonWater creates a realistic opportunity to seriously reach out to those areas of the world plagued over the lack of water. And areas with substandard bacterially water. Be involved in creating a better world! Support for Watertobillions accelerates the development.


  • Strong customer focus with the ambition to offer the most optimal solutions for our customers.
  • Innovative thinking.
  • Organisation and leadership based on valuebased approach- and agility.