Millennium Technology of Sweden AB


Millennium Technology of Sweden AB creates realistic conditions for seriously reaching the areas of the world that are plagued by the shortage of water and areas with substandard germs of water. Join us in creating a better world!

Support for Watertobillions accelerates development.

Main Goal

Millennium Technology of Sweden AB's main goal is to provide the countries that are currently suffering from the lack of water with scalable, reliable equipment that allows countries to build self-sufficient water structures, thus improving public health, reducing poverty, creating cultivable areas such as today is desert. This will also be an effective democratization tool.

Core Business

The core business of Millennium Technology of Sweden AB (MTS AB) is production of  the invention Millennium Desalination Device (MDD 2K Titan) along with it´s associated peripherals.

Innovation - MDD 2K Titanium

Millennium Desalination Device gives you the possibility to clean water from bacteria or/and salt. 
The watermachine MDD 2K Titan has many advantages that make it unique in its kind.

We would like to mention the possibility to clean both salt and bacteria without either any filter or membrane. Through its unique combination of known technology, we can clean water in an environmentally friendly manner using either existing electricity networks or renewable energy such as solar, wind or hydro power.

The fact that it also has a smoothly compact format benefits installation in smaller spaces. MDD 2K TItan purifies from 2000 liters of water per day. The possibility of serial or parallel connection can also be configured for more water extraction.