During 2017-2018, IngesonWater has run the project Water-in-a-box with grants from the state-owned innovation agency Vinnova.
This is step 2 in the call "Challenge-driven innovation". The project has been going on for two years and is now ending in spring 2019. Partners have been companies, institutes, academies, municipalities and state. A broad commitment from all parts of society.

The goal of the project Water-in-a-Box step 2 is to test and verify technical solutions for a mobile, flexible and solar-powered production concept that can clean water from bacteria and salt. It has also been included in the project to demonstrate / test a prototype of a Water-in-a-Box (Product Demonstration - TRL 5) in a real environment at Ekeby wetland adjacent to a water treatment plant in Eskilstuna as a step towards utilizing the concept.

The container will be delivered by air, train, boat or suitable means of transport to be installed on site within 8 hours.

There is a broad interest in the concept, among others from the UN, which sees opportunities to offer this to crisis and disaster relief around the world via their central warehouse.

During these years, a major focus has been on building up a test bed on Ekeby Våtmark in Eskilstuna, which we succeeded with through help from eg. Mälardalen University Västerås and Eskilstuna/Strängnäs Energi & Miljö. On the site, the concept has tested to clean the bacterial water found in connection with the test bed with approved results.

Below picture gallery from the test bed


IngesonWater with its innovation Water-in-a-box has also participated in the project Sustainnovaid. 
Sustainnovaid is a result of a project supported by VINNOVA within the framework of the call for "Challenge-driven Innovation", step 2. The project was led by RISE together with a consortium consisting of 16 parties with representatives from aid organizations and other non-governmental organizations, companies, public institutions and authorities, as well as research and innovation institutions.

The project was completed in November 2018 and is looking for new funding for 2019. Until new funding is secured, the website  will not be able to be maintained as much.

The project is intended to develop over time into a permanent network of members who collaborate within a collaboration platform where the website forms the basis for communication with members and other stakeholders.

Read more about the project below.